Does not look like I will ever be able to complete this quest

in steemmonster •  3 months ago  (edited)


Normally I simply skip this one, but today I am on a plane. So had some extra time. But no glory.

It may be that my cards are just too low for my rating.

Are there some tutorials how to play the death splinter?

I really seem to suck at it

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Death is my favorite splinter. Not always the easiest to play, but I think it's the most fun.

Life, Water, and Earth sometimes feel like "easy mode" because they have easily accessible healing and armor buffs. No doubt about it. The extra survivability gives those splinters an edge.

However, Death can be surprisingly effective, particularly against those who have grown accustomed to playing and playing against the same splinters (Life, Water, Earth). They're like..."Huh? What just happened? Why am I dead?!"

Let's start off with the summoner. Zintar sucks, but unless you have a Jarlax or a Crypt Mancer...then what can you do?

If you have a Crypt Mancer, then that's the guy to use. No doubt about it. I use Crypt Mancer even on the low mana cap fights. The 5 mana is still worth it.

Haunted Spirit is definitely one of the best tanks in the game. Swap him out for Skeletal Warrior (or Cocatrice) if it's a really low Mana Cap or if there's no way the enemy team will be using Magic Attack (ie, "Up Close and Personal" combat rule).

Don't bother with Animated Corpse, Undead Minotaur, Screaming Banshee, or Dark Enchantress. They all suck.

You probably shouldn't use Vampire or Phantom Soldier either. But those are maybes. They can be useful in specific situations. But use sparingly. Like almost never.

Your "go to" characters will be Skeletal Assassin, Haunted Spider, Undead Priest, and Twisted Jester.

To support those characters, you'll use: Undead Archer, Corrupted Pegasus, Centaur, and Creeping Ooze.

Depending on the combat rule, you'll swap out one of the support characters for Spineback wolf or Lord Arianthus. Maybe Lord of Darkness if it's the combat rule where melee can attack from any position (and you have a super high mana cap). It can be fun tossing the big guy in the very back.

I realize I'm painting with very broad strokes, but hopefully it helps.

Use your Corrupted Unicorn whenever possible, in the 2nd slot on your team. I would invest in a Lord of Darkness or a higher level Haunted Spirit to go in the first slot. Also, I wouldn't use the Vampire.

Thx Matt i will try that!

Hey, you made the Vampire! You can’t make a baby, then tell people not to love it!

Poor vampire...

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Haha, I was just on a plane too so wrote a random post offline that I need to push live.

The internet is so bad that most other games cannot be played. But i was able to play steem monsters just fine with the delays

Death is my most used splinter, but due to some months away from the game my rank is probably too low to compare with you, but I would say if you have some lvl in the cards (depending on your enemy in that rank) you will be able to win more than 50% of the times, especially if the Mana is capped at 17 or 26 (really good combos).

I have the same trouble with Earth splinter, always skip or I try to pass it but always fail...

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