Daily steemmonster quest completed free booster pack claimed

in #steemmonster2 years ago


I just done my daily quest at steemmonsters.com i really like the steemmonster update this season for the daily quest it only needs 5 wins to claim your free booster pack.

My quest today is not that hard because i need to use my death splinter which is an easy splinter monster cards to use for battle..


And one of the best thing for steemmonster updates that will last only for 15 days every battle it change coat of mana..so if you are struggling to win because of low mana steemmonster changes each and every battle it is good because if you are struggling of low mana there is no need to worry because we don't know on your next battle mana will increase..


Grab your chance and enjoy playing monster cards at steemmonsters.com

Hoping you all a Blessed Sunday and God Bless!


I will give it a try.

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