Untamed??? Something unbelievable

in #steemmonster5 years ago

The steem monster journey has reached out in a new dimension. And the UNTAMED packs have arrived. Some insane cards with lots of love. UNTAMED is full of pure love for the steemians and who love battleeeeee..........

Now the card has released. The cards are quite interesting. Some new cards and some are really game-changer. Though I am a little minnow and tries to buy some cards with the earning from the battle and the daily quest. Somehow I managed to buy 7 cards from the earning today.

The @sm-voters_hut shows the worth of my splinterlands account. The journey starts on 25 June this year. I haven't bought any packs there. Though I bought some cards with steem could be worth 10$ probably. But happy with the current worth and I have crossed 150+ mark so easily some days before..

Thanks to @azizbd and @clove71 for providing me the promo code and all help.

splinterland is pure love..... I hope I will buy a car by my own from the cards... hahaha


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