Steem Monitor - initial version released (iOS, Android)

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This is second post for today but another important one.

Remember, couple days ago announcement of Steem Monitor ?! If you haven't, check it out...


  • Current state of Steem network
  • Price ticker for STEEM
  • Top 70 witnesses listing
  • Enable notification for any witness to receive alert when blocks are missed by them.
  • See which witness is disabled or not witnessing
  • Witness feed details, version, missed blocks etc.
  • Enable notification when participation on network goes below 75% which can be taken series issue on network.
  • Change connection websocket if default one is down.

What's next

In next version you can expect:

  • More market detailed charts
  • Witness queue list for producing blocks

And please leave a comment and say what might be interesting to monitor....




Get it on Google Play

Feel free to comment and leave feedback...

Vote good-karma witness and Follow @good-karma for updates

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Is there application for UWP platform?

downloaded and using both with eSteem 8]


great, let me know if you have any issues ;)

Keep up the awesome work, you!


keep it up :)

good work...!$