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August 21, 2017 the day of the Total Solar Eclipse. A time when the power of the Universe is focused upon a single location, within a single point time.

SirKnight draws upon the energy of the 'Eye of Merlin', enhanced by the power of the eclipse... and teleports the Steem Lords to the ruins of 'Camelot'.

Here and now the Lords stand before SirKnight.

@gmuxx Sir Muxxy The Brave
@silvernova Lord Silvernova Alchemist Warrior
@shellyduncan Princess Loki
@phelimint Sir Pheli The Twin Hunters
@bmj Lord Bmj The Larrikin
@gohba-handcrafts Lord Gohba The Blacksmith
@choogirl ChooXena Vegan Warrior Princess
@drwom BattleWom The Warrior Wombat
@scooter77 Sir Scooterless The Dragonrider
@thinknzombie Squire StinknZombalot Brain Eater of Byron Bay
@tremendospercy Lord Percival The Magnificent
@aussiesteem Lady AusSteemius ‘Bringer of Justice.'

And with great strength - SirKnight, through the 'eye of merlin', summons all the forces of the Galaxy to resurrect @bearone Baroness Bearone The Dazzling.

And standing to the rear of the Questors - the Ice Dragon, Shaduppaurface. The beloved Dragon which had sacrificed itself to for the lives of many others.

Tears of joy overwhelmed the Lords as they reunited. There were hugs, kisses and a curious level of groping going on, all the and while Shaduppaurface and Rigormortis, the Dragons of Ice and Fire eyed off one another with flirtatious uncertainty.

The celebrations quickly dissipated as the Steemlords caught sight of a metamorphosing 'Eye of Merlin.' Now almost fully drained of power it had begun it final incantation - transforming itself back to its true form, a castle - the legendary Castle Grayskull.

As the Lords gazed upon the fearsome yet, homely Castle Grayskull they noted that SirKnight was no longer alone - for out of the ruins he is joined by a floating creature, and a large cat.

SirKnight speaks.

"Lords of MiddleSteem and Westeros - welcome to Camalot. Ancient home to Arthur, Merlin and other mages and warriors of legend. You have overcome monsters of greek mythology, orcs, ogres, trolls, the elements, disease and even your own fears to be here - at this very moment."

SirKnight continued...

"You are the best of the best of this world and each and everyone of you is deserved of the mighty sword Excalibur and the power within. Well most of you anyway - not sure about this lobotomy on poor Bilbo Baggins and the complete and utter destruction of the Mirkwood, Sir Scooterless and Squire Stink'n'Zombatlot - however you found the Shield of Mandrake and you have the one Ring, which I will take now thank you. I will also take that Sextant please ChooXena - thank you."

The Lords began to suspect that something was not quite right as the items they worked so hard to find were magically teleported to the floating creature with an 'O' on its shirt.

Again, SirKnight spoke...

"You each came here believing that you were destined be the one 'Lord to the Steem'. Instead you have found each other, and this is beautiful. For not all is as it seems. For when I arrived in Camelot, I too sought to be 'Lord of the Steem'."

The Lords gasp as SirKnight holds aloft Excalibur and recounts...

SirKnight was standing in front of the Steem Lords, no longer - he was now He-Man - strong, masculine, under-dressed, with the long-flowing manly hair of the 80's. SirKnight was now 'the most powerful man in the Universe'!

"Steem Lords - I have brought you here under false pretenses... as I need your help. Eternia, along with many other Cartoon Kingdoms are under siege. Without your help now - we are all doomed!"

Within the mouth of Grayskull a 'teleportation and transformation portal' is activated.

"We beg of you Steem Lords - come with us now!"





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Thank you for reviving us <3 It's great to be back with the gang, although I do agree there's a great deal of groping going on around me ;)

Masters of the Universe sounds exciting!!

When where what how??

uh oh... here we goes agains! lol!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hmm. Not how I was expecting it to end.

At least I have Swift Wind already and know my way around Castle Grayskull from the rescuing him.

You didn't really expect me to choose a single Lord of the Steem did you Choogirl? No here on Steemit you just need to keep it rolling - new games and adventures. And if one can roll into another - fantastic. SK.

Oh, I look forward to the next phase, don't worry. Once I get out of Lord Pervy's sex tardis!

So now what??? I'm not aware of any 80's Zombies? At least I still have my clothes on and am not sex crazed! And 80's cartoons are my favourite (time to take a Proton Energy Pill!)

I am sure you will think of something Scotty - you are a creative guy.

Well then! Just like that eh? Well played quest master.

Why thank you Lord Pheli - the time of Steem Lords had come to an end my friend.

Wow! What could be better than fighting orcs and ogres in middle steem ....... transporting to the land of eighties cartoons! Count me in! #steemlords has been a heap of fun thankyou @sirknight I hope the #steemsilvergold community gets another invite to Masters Of The Universe too!
This one will be right up you alley @philimint judging by those toys in your story/video!

You are welcome SN, but more importantly - thanking you and the other Steem Lords for such enthusiastic participation. And of course #steemsilvergold will be invited to Masters of the Universe. SK.


RoFL! I don't even know what to make of this XD Very twisty and tricky of you Sir Game Master Knight :D

SirKnight likes to keep everyone on their toes R. ; )

SirKnight may have to do some calming too as the sudden teleportation may have been startling XD

Am I still stuck butt naked under the phone box or something lol

Lol! I think you might be.

😳😳 no one wanted to go blind

Sorry Gohba - you were standing there too - completely recovered I might add - will edit post.

all good mate, dont edit post. I was just giving you a hard time :)

You--you stole my ring?? That thing was keeping my arm on (most of the time).

Nicely played!

great post sirknight! keep it up! and thanks again for following!

Mate - thanks for popping in and you are welcome. SK.

very very thanks

Damn, I was sure my replicas were going to pass the test, and I still haven't secured Rosegoldius MacBookius!

OMG! Not the 80s...I've still got PTSD from the last time! But what the hell if all the men will be under-dressed, over muscled and sporting long, luscious locks I'm in...but I may need a cup of hemlock and a lie down...

I need to go back and revisit what happened with you and the 80s AS - so much happening on Steemit I lose track. Thanks for joining in Steem Lords too. SK.

well done and congrats on yet another steemit success. I can see that you long for the golden days of the 80s.

They were good time mate - innocent times, respectful times.

I fully agree.

I am soooooo in. Are there many ladies there?
If not I'll round a few up for the trip 😉

Haha - I am sure Josie and the Pussy Cats will be there mate.

Yeeahhh! Nice.

great post... upvoted and followed
Have a look into my blog, you may like any of my posts :-) keep voting @piyushkansal

Appreciated Pi - thanks.


Thanks five - I think.

ha ha! definitely a good interesting!

That is nice to know five - thanks.

Good one!... was a very entertaining few weeks :)

good morning


Can I come? Can I? Can I huh? Can I huh? Can I???

Love your work, SK!

Sure can DrWom and thanks!