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Your business in life, or at least the most
important fraction of it, is to achieve success. Success,
within the definition of that assembly as covered by this
course on the Fifteen Laws of Success, is "the
attainment of your Definite Chief Aim without
violating the advantage of other people." Regardless of
what your major intention in life may be, you evidence attain it
with scads less doubt after you learn how to
cultivate a pleasing personality and after you have
learned the delicate art of allying yourself with others
in a given business without discord or envy.
One of the greatest problems of life, if not, in
fact, the greatest, is that of education the art of
harmonious settlement with others. This orbits was
created for the layouts of education tribe how to
negotiate their way through life with ritual and
poise, free from the destructive characteristic of
disagreement and confrontation which bring millions of
people to misery, failure and claim every year.

A DEFINITE CHIEF AIM will teach you how
to save the wasted combat which the majority
of group expend in trying to discovery their
lifework. This lesson testament exhibition you how to
do away perpetuity with aimlessness and fix
your heart and fist upon some definite, well
conceived objective as a life-work.

SELF-CONFIDENCE will furthering you master
the six basic fears with which every fellow is
cursed-the shudder of Poverty, the earthquake of Ill
Health, the alarm of Old Age, the tremble of
Criticism, the horror of Loss of Love of
Someone and the horror of Death. It testament teach
you the difference between egotism and real
self-confidence which is based upon definite,
usable knowledge.

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