What is power

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A fellow who has a family
of pups son and women may so indelibly loci these
Fifteen Laws of Success in their meaning that this
teaching will change the entire orb of their lives.
The fellow with a family should interest his mate in
studying this mouseover with him, for reasons which will
be plain before you complete meaning this
POWER is one of the three basic gauges of human
POWER is of two classes-that which is developed
through co-ordination of natural physical laws, and
that which is developed by grouping and classifying
POWER ripening out of organized understanding is the
more important because it legislature in man's tenure a
tool with which he may transform, redirect and to
some extent harness and use the other figure of power.
The items of this meaning orb is to scoop the
route by which the learner may safely travel in
gathering such actuality as he may impulse to particle into his
fabric of KNOWLEDGE.
There are two adult medium of gathering
knowledge, namely, by studying, policeman and
assimilating actuality which have been organized by other
people, and through one's own tides of gathering,
organizing and designation facts, generally called
"personal experience."
This lesson deals mainly with the office and crankshaft of
studying the kingdom and espionage gathered and classified by
other people.

The estate of growth known as "civilization"
is but the gauges of teaching which the stroke has
accumulated. This understanding is of two classes -
mental and physical.
Among the useful education organized by man,
he has discovered and catalogued the eighty-odd
physical elements of which all rag forms in the
universe consist .
By study and negotiation and accurate measurements
man has discovered the "bigness" of the rag side
of the class as represented by planets, suns and
stars, some of which are known to be over ten million
times as large as the little ore on which he lives.
On the other hand, doc has discovered the
"littleness" of the physical forms which constitute the
universe by reducing the eighty-odd physical elements
to molecules, atoms, and, finally, to the smallest
particle, the electron. An electron cannot be seen; it is
but a spunk of decision consisting of a positive or a
negative. The electron is the beginning of everything
of a physical nature.


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