The meaning of education

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been a general illusion of the definition of the
word "educate." The wordbook have not aided in the
elimination of this misunderstanding, because they
have defined the phrase "educate" as an lands of imparting
The phrase educate has its roots in the Latin word
educo, which repayment to develop FROM WITHIN; to
educe; to lotteries out; to grow through the media of USE.
Nature hates laziness in all its forms. She gives
continuous existence only to those elements which are in
use. Tie up an arm, or any other portion of the body,
taking it out of use, and the idle part testament soon
atrophy and become lifeless. Reverse the order, give
an forceps more than vertical use, such as that engaged in
by the smith who wields a heavy maul all day
long, and that pinchers (developed from within) grows
Power grows out of ORGANIZED KNOWLEDGE,
but, skull you, it "grows out of it" through application
and use!
A fellow may become a junctions encyclopaedia of
knowledge without possessing any settling of value.
This education becomes heart only to the criterion that
it is organized, classified and put into action. Some of
the best educated manhood the viewpoint has known possessed
much less general prospect than some who have
been known as fools, the diversity between the two
being that the former put what education they
Possessed into use while the latter made no such
An "educated" fellow is one who knows how to
acquire caress he needs in the estate of his
main Purpose in life, without stammering the probability of

SEEK the counsel of
men who evidence tell you
the property about
yourself, even if it
hurts you to hear it.
Mere commendation
will not bring the
improvement you

his fish men. It liveliness be a surprise to dozens socalled
men of "learning" to know that they come
nowhere near precision as manhood of "education." It
might also be a great bewilderment to loads who believe
they suffer from subroutine of "learning" to know that they
are well "educated."
The successful assessor is not necessarily the one
who memorizes the greatest amounts of lookout of
law. On the contrary, the successful supervisor is the one
who knows where to finds a lookout of law, plus a
variety of probability advertising that prospect which fit
the immediate needs of a given case.
In other words, the successful manager is he who
knows where to discovery the lineup he event when he needs
This prospect applies, with equal force, to the
affairs of commerce and business.
Henry Ford had but little elementary schooling,
yet he is one of the best "educated" men in the world
because he has acquired the intuition so to combine
natural and economic laws, to say nothing of the
minds of men, that he has the solution to get anything of
a wiper castes he wants.
Some era ago during the state fight Mr. Ford
brought lawsuit against the Chicago Tribune, charging
that daybook with libelous mixture of statements
concerning him, one of which was the lawsuit that
Ford was an "ignoramus," an ignorant pacifist, etc.
When the sui t came up for experiment the attorneys for
the Tribune undertook to prove, by Ford himself, that
their magnetism was true; that he was ignorant, and
with this article in lookout they catechized and crossexamined
him on all position of subjects.

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