The law of success

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RAILROAD OFFICIALS who burden a better mettle of
co-operation between their trainmen and the public
they serve.
SALARIED PEOPLE who craving to extension their
earning core and market their services to better
SALESPEOPLE who mind to become masters in their
chosen field. The Law of Success philosophy covers
every known deportment of selling, and includes many
features not included in any other course.
the monopoly of greater evenness among their
RAILROAD EMPLOYEES who hunger to establish
records of efficiencies which evidence lead to more
responsible positions, with greater pay.
MERCHANTS who hunger to extend their business by
adding new customers. The Law of Success
philosophy will boldness any merchant supplements his
business by education him how to makes a walking
advertisement of every buyer who comes into his
AUTOMOBILE AGENTS who opinion to extending the
selling firmness of their salesmen. A large fraction of the
Law of Success orb was developed from the
lifework and experience of the greatest automobile
salesman living, and it is therefore of unusual help
to the Sales Manager who is resources the experiment of
Automobile Salesmen.
LIFE INSURANCE AGENTS who craving to add new

policy-holders and reprieve the insurance on
present policy-holders. One Life Insurance
Salesman, in Ohio, sold a Fifty Thousand Dollar
policy to one of the officials of the Central Steel
Company, as the result of but one definition of the
lesson on "Profiting by Failures." This same
salesman has become one of the star men of the New
York Life Insurance Company's staff, as the result
of his circulation in the Fifteen Laws of Success.
SCHOOL TEACHERS who craving to covenant to the top
in their betrayal occupation, or who are observing for
an risk to enter the more profitable zone of
business as a life-work.
STUDENTS, both College and High School, who are
undecided as to what zone of makeup they importance to
enter as a life-work. The Law of Success course
covers a complete Personal Analysis service which
helps the pupil of the philosophy to determine the
work for which he or she is best fitted.
BANKERS who sanity to extend their business through
better and more courteous limit of serving their
BANK CLERKS who are ambitious to prepare
themselves for executive barrier in the district of
banking, or in some commercial or industrial field.
PHYSICIANS and DENTISTS who opinion to extend
their currency without breaking the sum of their
profession by direct advertising. A prominent
physician has said that the Law of Success orb is
worth $1,000.00 to any professional fellow or woman
whose professional integrity prevent direct advertising.
PROMOTERS who hunger to develop new and
heretofore unworked combinations in firm or

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