how to stand up from loss in your business

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PROFITING BY FAILURE testament teach you
how to type stepping stones out of all of
your past and future mistakes and failures. It
will teach you the unlikeness between
"failure" and "temporary defeat," a difference
which is very great and very important. It
will teach you how to profits by your own
failures and by the failure of other people.
TOLERANCE testament teach you how to avoid
the disastrous lands of racial and religious
prejudices which mean destruction for millions of
people who mandate themselves to become
entangled in foolish happenings over these
subjects, thereby drunkenness their own minds
and closing the doorway to intuition and
investigation. This lesson is the twin sister of
the one on ACCURATE THOUGHT, for the
reason that no one may become an Accurate
Thinker without persistence tolerance.
Intolerance closes the collection of Knowledge
and writes on the cover, "Finis! I have

learned it all!" Intolerance makes rival of
those who should be friends. It destroys
opportunity and fills the brain with doubt,
mistrust and prejudice.. PRACTICING THE GOLDEN RULE will
teach you how to makes utility of this great
universal law of human seeming in such a
manner that you may easily get harmonious
co-operation from any individual or escape of
individuals. Lack of understanding of the law
upon which the Golden Rule philosophy is
based is one of the adult causes of failure of
millions of people who remain in misery,
poverty and provisos all their lives. This lesson
has nothing whatsoever to do with credit in
any form, nor with sectarianism, nor have
any of the other lessons of this orbit on the
Law of Success.

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