My very own wolf pack - #menemonday

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These are my 24k GOLD and platinum, mene, wolf charms. Please allow me to explain why I bought them.

Now some people may find the story behind the reason I bought these wolf charms VERY FUNNY and some of you may be calling social services for child abuse after reading this....

I suppose I better explain fast before your minds come up with all kinds of things!!


This is me and 1/2pint! Now dont be fooled by that face. NO, not mine, the boys... He may look like sweetness and sunshine, but trust me, he's no angel.

Im not complaining, in fact it's far from it, I love how he's so independent and free-thinking. The trouble is between the ages of 1 - 2 he had a habit of wanting to wonder off and he never listened.


We all know the story of the "3 little pigs & the BIG BAD WOLFL!!"? Well around the same time he was being a pain in the backside, he discovered nursery rhythms and fairy tales. From the off he didn't like the BIG BAD WOLF and this was our saviour! We realised that by threatening him that the BBW would come and get him if he misbehaved, we managed to curb his inner-demon.


So these charms make us laugh so much everytime me and Mrs W see them. We may have mentally scarred 1/2pint for life, but if you're a parent you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 😂🤣😂🤣

Join me next Monday for #menemonday and I'll explain the reasoning behind another great #mene charm we have in the @welshstacker household.



Awesomeness, @welshstacker!!! I love it 🥰!!!!

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Thanks @silversaver888. I hope you're loving these #menemonday 's as much as I am?

Thank you for your continued support

For the win!!! I love family oriented Mene posts for #menemonday! Great job man!!

Thanks buddy. I do love #menemonday, it gives me a whole new chance to show off some shiny and explain the reasoning behind why I bought them.

Cute photo of you and the mini.

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