CBI Token 3 days in

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Just short of 4000 tokens sold
Token sales have slowed down but considering this is only 3ish days old. Thats amazing.
When i launched it i would have been happy with a few hundred sold from few people i know.
However its been a total reverse.
Majority have been sold to people i didn't know and thats just crazy.
The post have had loads of comments which is really cool too.
I always reply back to people so feel free to ask question.
Before you ask the most common question.
"How you gonna pay 10% a month?"
I'm not gonna tell you yet so dont bother lol
I set a buy order at just below selling price incase anyone wanted to cash out but noone has taken the offer.
All funds and interest are covered for this month. So i have not had to even withdraw a single steemp from steem engine.
I have also added some leo and some neoxian and plan to keep doing so as well as some other tokens.
Overall the plan is going according to the way i wanted it to.
I am still searching for tokens to give me a passive return but none are even close to a decent return.
For now gamer and epic will have to do the returns are small but its better than nothing.
Buy back will start next week so still time to pick up some extra coins.
Any token not sold at beginning of buy back will be taken off sale.

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