Is it worth investing in the STEEM ecosystem? MY 2 YEAR EXPERIENCE

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Hello Leo family!

This is my first post on the STEEMLEO community, and I am really excited to share some numbers with you. I hope somebody reads this!
It has been a long journey, I'm here since July 2017 when I first joined Steemit with my general account.
From the beggining I fell in love with the platform, at that time the only thing you could do to was blogging, and I focused a lot of efforts on that side.

Now the ecosystem has changed dramatically and one could do a lot of things to interact with the blockchain.
Of course you can also blog, but you can also play games, invest and a lot of other things to keep building your stake.


On the following lines I will show you what are my numbers and last 100 days evolution of my stake.


This the price in $ for STEEM and in STEEM for the other tokens followed by the stake.
As you can see I am HODLing a lot of DEC tokens which has been a really smart decision. That guys rock!
I am also stacking some LEO, PAL and GG tokens appart from the STEEM.



Here the $ I would win each month if I sold all the new generated tokens.
As you can see I am generating 80$ per month just by being consistent on the platform.
I am not posting a lot, just curating content and it feels good to still win.
My best investment is the DEC token which I am staking tokens just playing the game!
I earn 50$ monthly just by playing a game, it is amazing
As a surprise I am earning 4,5$ just by delegating and curating at the Steemace community!



Here the Annual Percentage rate wich is really good! I will generate 40% of new STEEM from my 17k Steem Power



From my 2 year experience here on the Steem Blockchain I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. I first saw my investment shrink but then it was followed by the most amazing bull run I have ever seen, and then the though bear market ever to put the feet back to the reality.

From my point of view I from the last 100 days that I have monitored my increasing stake I can say that it is worth the effort to keep building stake these days. For that reason I have wrote that post to the LEO and Steem community.
Which asset can give you an anual 40% return?

I just want the price of Steem to be stable and that is all you need to build a successful portfolio of tokens.

I don't know if anyone would read this but I wanted to share this with the community as I am really happy! :)



Very interesting. I just came back to the platform today after 2 years. Because of the newsletter they sent today...
And I thank you for the insight! Maybe I start putting some effort into it as well. We'll see...

Sounds really good Alex! :)
Have a nice day.

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