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RE: Can blockchain provide us DAO based Universal Basic Income (UBI) and ultimate automation?

Most certainly @dtrade. Cryptocurrency is going to be a UBI of sorts. I dont know if it fits the qualification in the sense of the definition but it is here.

Take @actfit for example. That is a cryptocurrency (AFIT) this is doled out simply for moving around, something most people do. Brave rewards users simply for clicking the button to allow a pop up ad. We will be paid for our data and releasing that to a research institute. There are applications like D.Tube, 3Speak, and Busy that reward people for just using their application.

As for automation, I do believe you are absolutely correct. There are going to be automated systems that distribute the rewards to everyone who is involved. That is a great way to pass wealth around.

I expect DAOs to really be going strong by the middle of the next decade. We are only just starting to play with them.


Thanks @taskmaster4450le for great comment and observation. Only missing thing is the market valuation of such economic microwork. However, there will be great economic transfer that will take place in our lifetime that will definitely uplift billions. Bitcoin and Litecoin are great example, how they enrich the believer. I believe Steem and top SMTs/Tribe will be the forefront next wave of wealth generation like legacy cryptos- BTC and LTC.

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