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RE: The 2020 Crisis and the World Bank's Global Power Shift.

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Around 2002 I heard the top Government beaureaucrat spoke that the world civilization moved clock wise, Mesopotamia, Rome, Western Europe, America and was moving to China. When China was in Isolation after Tiananmen, Japanese emperor visited Beijing. After that moment on, China's export revived and increased. I think Japan's lost three decades were to help China's Industrialization that was a part of global agenda.


An alternative theory I heard was a cyclical tendency of civilization to move from the east to the west, and back again every 500 years ar so, like a pendulum. It reminds me of the saying "when China awakens, the world will tremble" (Quand la Chine s'éveillera, le monde tremblera, words supposedly spoken by Napoleon). Things seem to be moving that way.

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