The Blockchain Strikes Back: Open Libra: A Fork of Facebook’s Libra

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Graphic by @shortsegments

Long Ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the inhabitants of a small planet on the edge of the galaxy know as the Milky Way, gathered together some of their most talented software developers to fight a phantom menace known only as Libra.

A powerful, centralized blockchain, which threatened to harness the power of the blockchain to do Emperor Z’s bidding and capture the data and control the cryptocurrency of 2 billion of the planets inhabitants.

These brave men and women, acquired the source code for the feared blockchain, known only as Libra and in the ultimate demonstration of defiance, they forked it.

From the previously feared construct came a new being, known as Open Libra and it was the opposite of everything Libra.

No fiat or asset banking
No central authority, servers or assets to seize
And it’s nodes were scattered across the planet, functioning independently, but still in consensus.
And thus a revolution was born, which promised to free 2 billion souls and more...
From the tyranny of the dreaded Centralized Global Bankers and Wage Slavery to various local Fiat Overlords.

And thus the revolution was begun. 🚀

✍🏼 written by Shortsegments “Let’s bring back the fun”



An excellent post by @taskmaster4450 [Post](Source

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Other news of openlibra

Picture Credit
Graphic created by @shortsegments

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Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

Your welcome, thank you for your support.


Finally someone tries a little levity here. Steem is to serious right now

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Yep. No body gets out of this life alive, so we might as well have some fun.

!gliphy good + job

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