Book a Review: The Bank on Your Self Revolution

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Book a Review: The Bank on Your Self Revolution

By Pamela Yellen
272 pages, hardcover
Topic Personal Finance
This book promotes using Whole Life Insurance to “Bank on Yourself”, as in use this insurance policy as a source to borrow funds to finance your purchases in life and thus pay your consumer finance charges to yourself, in theory enriching yourself and not a bank.

The book is well written with no grammar, spelling or English usage errors to distract the reader from the material. The references are extensive and the statistics and reasoning seem to support the hypothesis very well.

The book does have a strong selling theme and it is in some ways seems like a very long advertisement for the product whole life insurance and her companies services.

This is a revision of a previous work and it is a polished and professional presentation, which is very persuasive. The arguments are well formed, well supported and the book has over ten pages of references. So the author makes a convincing and well supported argument for the product she also sells. I must admit it is my inclination to purchase this financial product after reading this book..

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Decent looking book thanks for the review.

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Your welcome and thank you for your support.

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