Steem Provided a 25% Return Over the Past Week!

in #steemleo5 years ago

We focus so much on price and how low steem has gone, but in the near-term movements there are some solid gains mixed in between this ever long bear market.

What just a few up days can do...


Looking at the last seven candles (days) we saw six gives us green up days. Price rallied from the mid-eleven cents area to fourteen and change.

That is roughly a 25% gain in a week!

I'd take that more often, please....pretty please.

For those that added on the dip into ten and eleven cents, good on you! It made for an awesome trade if you are taking off any of it.

Maybe there is more to come as technically the next price resistance level starts more so at fifteen cents into sixteen.

Downside is still the same, ten cents-ish which is the last bottom. Here's hoping for higher prices!


I got some at 0.12 for #SPUD about 2 weeks ago. Would much rather see a slow and steady build than a quick pump (and dump).

I agree though that from here there is more upside potential than downside risk so the risk/reward ratio is in our favour.

A nice steady grind above 15 cents and then test of 20 would be wonderful.

I'd take that more often, please....pretty please.

I'd take that every week ffs...
Wake up STEEM...plz wake up, will ya?

Yes, wake up and roar!

I just wish I would have bought that last $10k worth at $.11 instead of $.30...

Ouch, yeah .11 would have been sweet!

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