Ray Dalio Gives Two Simple Pieces of Advice for the Regular Investor

in #steemleo5 years ago

Don't chase assets classes when they are up huge!?!? Sounds like pretty simple sounds advice for the everyday investor.

Something about diversifying? Also pretty simple advice to follow.

Ray Dalio is one of my favorite investors ever. He has a sick track record and always seemed to do things a bit different than the folks on Wall Street. His practices and principles definitely did not fit your typical mainstream office culture.

To watch the one-minute video click the link below.


Scaredy Cat Guide Logo_FBcoversize1.jpg


I love me some Ray, he's a worth of knowledge we can all learn from.

Just abut finished reading Principles. Great read, and a terrific set of principles to consider for both business and personal life.

The quote you reference is simple, and yet nearly impossible for many to adhere to, in nearly every respect, beyond money, as well.


Principles is a terrific book indeed!

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