Hex Coin - I Still Don't Get Where Appreciation Just Happens

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I'll give any crypto project a look. The HEX project, which is touted as a high interest certificate of deposit seems interesting but something doesn't click for me.

Where is the appreciation coming from???

I've read the marketing and listened to the videos. I understand the staking part and the penalties, etc etc but why will the value of the coin go up?

Demand needs to exist for that....how can one guarantee the rate of demand?

This is a good chunk (but not all) of their price positive theory...

Maybe I'm just missing the obvious, but I have no idea why the coin would appreciate or how the interest that will be paid based on the % of coin staked is being supported.

I happy for someone to tell me in the comments that I'm a dunce. I have nothing against the project I'm just missing how this how theory actually works out profitably.


The interesting part of HEX is that it's addressing panic selling pressure by locking coins to earn interest, and forced selling pressure (to pay for mining). These are two of the big problems with many other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. If you had bitcoin at the snapshot you may as well free claim your HEX. All unclaimed coins will be distributed to those that have claimed.
Claim at https://hex.win/?r=0x6124E922f19eb4852d59691D0a7Be80B01268CdC for an additional 10%.

I don't like it. Seems like BS to me. It has no purpose.

Yeah, exactly. Outside of being a "certificate of deposit" (that I don't even know how the interest will be paid on) I don't see the purpose or use.

The interest is paid in HEX. So, If it's worthless, no interest for you. 😝

seems like a crypto of iteration of those old bubble games or high interest ponzi games that hit the internet the late 90's early 2000s. Stay away is my best guess. If it works, it will be the first one lol. Have a !BEER on me


Hey @scaredycatguide, here is a little bit of BEER from @cflclosers for you. Enjoy it!

To answer your questions it's already down to 3 satoshi as, from what I read on Twitter, the creator has already exit scammed the project and people are speculating most of the big investors, was just him holding his own coin in different wallets.

That's hilarious and not a surprise at all. Thanks!

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