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Are you to busy to carry on with manual curation and not satisfied with your current level of received curation rewards?

How would you like idea of increasing your weekly curation rewards payout by 50%. Today you can achieve that and support our great cause. Two in one.

Hopefully we got your attention :) If I did, then please keep reading.



I've selected randomly 100 steemit accounts (between range of 1k - 10k STEEM POWER) and compared received curation rewards for period of last week to total amount of SP. My goal was to estimate average weekly payout and compare those results with @project.hope. My goal was to find out how much does "average joe" earn depending on amount of STEEM staked.

@provenezuela has around 10k STEEM powered up. This account weekly curation reward payout is around 13 SP.
As a base for future reference, I would compare those 13 SP / 10k SP = 1.3 ratio.

It simply means that for each 1K staked on our accounts, we would most likely be rewarded with 1.3 STEEM every week.

Does it make sense so far?



I've compared over 100 accounts and I came with some interesting result. I quickly found out that average ratio of received curation rewards vs amout of STEEM powered up is actually less than 1.3 and it's closer to 1.2.

Which means, that "average joe" with 10k SP would receive around 12 SP in curation rewards / per week.

Perhaps right now you wonder what's your current ratio? It's very easy to calculate. Just open your wallet and divide "Estimated curation rewards last week" / total voting power.

Don't forget to share your results in comment section. On sunday I will randomly select 10 replies and upvote them with 100k SP to award your contribution.



Let me wrap it up, before this post will become to long and complicated. Project.hope ratio is currently at level 2.13 (300 SP in rewards / 140k SP). And since we're distributing 100% received curation rewards to delegators, then by delegating 1k SP you could earn up to 50% more comparing to your own manual curation.

Which means, that by delegating 10k to us "average joe" would receive around 21 SP in curation rewards / per week (instead of receiving mentioned above 12SP)

You may ask:
how could that be possible? And there are few reasons behind it:

Reason 1:
After HF21 non-linear reward curve has been introduced. And that's an absolute game changer as it means that small upvotes carry very little voting power and pretty much only strong upvotes matter.

Additionally if post payout will be small, then all curation rewards are being kind of "penalized" (which works in favor of large STEEM stake holders).

Reason 2:
We not only upvote with 100% all selected publations (topics related mostly to technology, psychology and economy) but we also promote them on our media channels. This way we're attracting more valuable traffic, resulting with more strong upvotes following our own upvote. And that significantly increase final curation payout.



Important note: To participate in the program, minimum required delegation is: 1000 SP

You can delegate 1000 SP or by using or directly by opening secured link:



If you like to learn more about "project hope passive income program" then visit our website:

I would also love to hear your feedback. I read them all so please drop a comment and hopefully you will find our program worth supporting.



So 1.3 SP per week per 1000 SP works out to 6.76% APR. 1.3 x 52 weeks in a year = 67.6 / 1000 x 100 = 6.76% APR.

Thank you for dropping by @thecryptodrive

Perhaps you're right about numbers. And I'm also sure many users out there ae achieving better results. I'm still working on it.

I compared those results to those that people can get from delegating SP to bots. And it seem that some bots (for example therising) are providing smaller returns.

I'm guessing it's hard to find a balance between maximizing curation rewards (can be only achieved with auto-upvotes) and actually using voting power to support quality content.

My assumption is that we will receive delegation mostly from people who support our efforts as an entire community. Anyway that's kind of supporters I'm trying to get on board.


Most bots are defunct right now since HF 21 so I guess bots aren't a very good comparison most arent really paying out. My concern is you may be misleading users with the wording you use, like 70% more than you currently get in curation etc, rather than giving the actual APR number so people know exactly what they are getting.

Great idea, Piotr would you consider nominating it in my Build Better Bounty Program?

I am very interested in this, I will adjust my delegations accordingly in the upcoming days!

Remember when calculating APR, delegators also get the SP interest growth automatically.

Dear @crypto.piotr: I find your "project hope passive income program" very interesting, and the yields are very attractive, unfortunately I do not qualify to participate because I have less than 1k SP.

PS: I resteemed your post to help you "spread the word"

Upvoted to help you help him help others :-)

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Hi @manuelgil64

I appreciate your kind words and the fact that you resteemed this publication :)

Have a great weekend ahead of you buddy,
Yours, Piotr

Thanks Piotr!

@crypto.piotr You're right. My stats on steemworld ( match your numbers.

I'm in for delegating 1000 SP!

Thank you for your delegation @minerthreat :)

Appreciate it.
Piotr :)

Thank you, it was your members steem community building that got me interested in the platform. I am sure this is the beginning of many more great things to come!

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I am sure this is the beginning of many more great things to come!

I trully believe so too :)

Great information. When I get another 1000 SP I'll delegate to @project.hope.

Hello Piotr!

I just delegated 6,000 SP to project.hope! You guys are doing great things on here! I'm looking forward to your, our coming success with project.hope!


OMG @doifeellucky

You managed to put such a huge smile on my face just now! Thank you for your support.

Have a great weekend buddy,
Yours, Piotr

Dear Piotr,

what you guys are doing here just clicked with me instantly! Keep up the great work!

You have a great weekend too!


Hi @project.hope

The math works properly

Together from my Norwegian Team we delegate 15000 SP


@project.hope, I really want to appreciate this Step team and hope that soon this Initiative will be successful and definitely this sounds as Win Win situation.

Really excited towards this opportunity team. In one week i am in and will delegate team.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed team.

Increased my delegation to 1500.

I don't think that 21 SP in curation rewards with 10k Is a good result.. I made weekly average 24 SP with 6k with my account @mosquito76 (people are free to follow the Trail with steemauto without delegate anything).

Thx for dropping by @miti

Your result is surely impressive.

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