My LEOMM Report

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A lot of people asking about LEOMM miners.

Here's my report.

I bought:

4.7.2019 ......... 3 LEOMM
5.7.2019 ..........3 LEOMM
6.7.2019 ..........1 LEOMM


5.7.2019 .........0.839 LEO
7.7.2019 .........1.774 LEO


Just received another 0.839 LEO


Photo is a must for me.

The bull is coming, my friends.

I hope you find this short post useful.

Goodnight, my lions.


Yep, the LEO miner is working quite well (compared to some other miners I have ... ENG and PAL miner ...)

How it works? I have 3x LEOM 2x LEOMM and nothing goes into the wallet?

Have you logged into Steem Engine to try and claim rewards? That is where they go.

I'm logged in all the time Steem Engine.
I have an active but nothing on the leo website wallet comes in.

I wonder what the reason is... when others are already getting it.

Did you stake them?


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Love the picture. I am very curious to see what a "Buffalo Market" is though? Haha good stuff.

Bison meat is expensive here, I know that.

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