What is Going to Happen to Crypto During the Recession?

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So more and more people are agreeing that there is a recession coming.

What do you think is going to happen to crypto prices?

Choose your adventure:

A) crypto crashes
B) M O O N spells moon!
C) Up, then down
D) Down, then up
E) Something else, you daft git!

My take is that in the initial phases, crypto will drop as traders liquidate their crypto to cover margin calls in equities. When the money outflow is done, crypto will be pretty inactive. Then if the recession is bad enough and currencies are debased enough, we will see crypto catch a bid and shoot up in price.

Post your take in the comments below.


Agree with you as well as the liquidity crunch will impact all speculative assets. However, the proof of store of value could prevail to give it a bid once again.

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if they have time to cover the margin calls, i agree but i think final drop will be steep and fast. i go for moon and i hope everyone else does, i believe in common thought power :-)

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I would love for you to be right about that :)

I think most crypto will initially drop as part of a general shift out of risky investments to safety - perhaps excluding BTC which might benefit as a potential safe haven if currencies are getting slammed. It might take some time till that trickles down to benefit Alt's.

Longer term, a crash will bring more people to crypto and increase interest in the alternative to a broken and corrupt system.

So I guess D, but my variance is BTC performing very different to the rest of Crypto.

Option D.

I agree with you, I think it will sell off with the other assets and then catch some buying as people seek alternative investments.

The definition of intelligent is whether or not you agree with me. You're a genius!

Haha haha!!! Are they agreeing that recession is coming or are wishing that it comes to take out trump? I know they are after trump.


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The possibility of a recession is kryptonite for Trump. He has hung his political credibility on his ostensible ability to influence the economy like simple-minded people think presidents can. It makes him unnecessarily weak in negotiations with the Chinese. Trump really seems to want to avoid a recession on his watch. And why not because the masses are not sophisticated enough to brush aside commentators who would chastise Trump for his "inability" to stop it.

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