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This isn't one of my mock ups. This is the new Steem Leo tribe site. @khaleelkazi has added some awesome updates that I think will improve the site's stickiness for users.

There's now a constantly scrolling bar at the top with some popular crypto and stock prices as well as a sidebar that has some of the same information but stationary.

I'm not sure if this was there before, but there is also a welcome page, or as the link says, "Guide to Steem Leo" which tells you all the basic information about this tribe. I think this is 100% necessary and each tribe should follow Leo's example with at least this feature. There are plenty of tribes out there right now where if a new user did happen to stumble upon it there is literally no information explaining what the site is or what it's about.

This is basically similar to the "Learn" page I suggested previously


This page gives users all they need to know about using this site and why it exists. I really can't express enough how important this is. Each tribe site and for that matter any Steem frontends needs to approach the design of their application as if it is the first contact a user is having with the Steem Blockchain. By having dozens of tendrils out there that are all fully featured enough to get users the basics of what they need to get started on Steem, we dramatically increase the probability of onboarding and retaining new users.

So go check out the new Steem Leo site and show some love. I hope other tribes will follow their example and start to customize their frontends in ways that make sense and if they don't know what that means, I hope they ask their users what they want and use that as a guide to move forward.

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Oooh, fancy! I likey! The scrolling prices at the top is a nice little touch.

What exactly is the purpose of SteemLEO? Sorry, I've seen it around, I'm just a bit uninformed.

Steem Leo is a tribe all about investing. The token is what's distributed to members of that community through their own proof of brain setup, similar to Steems on all the Steem frontends.

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

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