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The truth is quite simple to me. This may be a great thing, and it may not, but it's better than nothing happening, that's for sure. I mean, I see a lot of people complaining about this move, about Ned selling, and even though I understand the fears and the critiques towards Ned's leadership, I also think that change needed to happen.

I don't know how to say this without being a bit of an asshole. If your life's plans depend on STEEM making it, it's probably best you revise them. This is not to say STEEM won't succeed, because it very well could. But more to remind everyone who takes a minute or two to read my ramblings (very few of them these days) that life has a funny way of ruining your plans.

It's not FUD to talk about the possibility of a fork happening, a STEEM classic actually being a thing, or this whole ecosystem migrating to TRON altogether. These are, without a doubt, all possibilities on the table. If one of these events occur, well I will try to make the best of the situation and move forward. But, here are some logical rocks to stand on as we all digest the recent news.

Justin Sun may be a controversial character, but for better or for worse, he knows how to bring attention to his projects, and knows how to bring money in. Of course, this doesn't say anything about him as a person, but since him and I are likely to never meet, to never share a beer, It's an "issue" that is hardly on my mind.

Steemit Inc, the company, has been slowly but surely turning the boat around. In my opinion if the small team that currently is part of Steemit wouldn't have done the development in these past months, STEEM, the blockchain, would probably had joined the ranks of GOLOS or worse. Have things been perfect? Of course not, but progress has been made, and it's fair to give them credit for it.

If you can't hold down your food given the recent news, I think you may be holding a bag that's too heavy for your psyche. You should only HODL what you can afford to lose. I for one feel that if STEEM was to go to zero, I would still be able to figure out my life, my sustenance, my long term goals. But, if that's not you, then it's time you revisit your choices.

I'm going to ride this out, see what happens. I'm optimistic, I have to say. But, not because of some naive notion that a good human, with a good heart, is going to save us little steemies from our downward spiral into no satoshiness. The opposite is true. I think Justin is in it to win it, and personal feelings aside, I would not mind riding a bit of the wave myself.

A simple message: Stay calm


My favorite quote of all time!

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you are right, we were moving forward and steemit team did a good job in this last few months. and if in next few weeks we get an answer what that "assimilation" means, we will know what to expect.

Good to see you posting again.

Agreed. I think that the outpouring of emotion is testament to this chain and its community.

But I agree that change was needed and it could be for the better.

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well said my friend : )

Very correct

Good to see you alive and kicking Roberto!