Avoid Debt and the Financial System As Much as Possible.

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In this Sunday's live stream we will look at why it is more important than ever to be out of the system as much as possible and not be lured into playing the Globalist's/Bankers' game of fiat currency monopoly.

We will also be conducting the usual Q & A on a range of subjects like the markets, precious metals, the economy, the current health "crisis" and much more.

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Thanks again for keeping us updated and educated, Maneco64.

It seems obvious to me that the system will artificially pull up the interest rate and contract the liquidity at some point in this controlled demolition. In early '90's BOJ pulled the trigger and Japanese economy collapsed. In 2001 they did the same thing to the world trade center. Everything they have been doing was to set the bomb in the system itself.

Thanks for the Info Mario. I wonder what you think what will happen to the saving / insurance / pension. If the power that should not be devalue currency "jig the numbering" but try to keep debt not inflated away why would any saver that the hit and not demand the same treatment to their "asset"?

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