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I like to believe that I am the sort of person that always sees the glass half-full even though sometimes I have my own dark patches of life but hey, we are not here to talk about that, at least not today.

As you can see in the always friendly crypto bubbles site, things are looking red for a lot of people this month but at least we haven't had it as bad, in fact we have had a lot of positive moves lately, especially since hitting the legendary 10 cent Steem, congratulations to everyone that bought in the bottom, including me cuz we are still 20%+ on that one lol!

It isn't hard to imagine that if the markets had been just a bit more stable or running a bit bullish, with the volume we have had in the past couple of weeks we could have easily reached 18c or even 20c but alas it didn't happen, Bitcoin had to come along with a ponzi scheme sellout and crash everyone's party.

As the year comes to a close, I'm really happy to see what Steem will bring for us on 2020 and we will finally experience the true power of communities and SMTs and for what I've seen in the beta, its looking pretty good!

What's your take on the current state of the market and the future of Steem?

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