My way to wealth in Steemit - 25/7/2019

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Happy birthday to me!! yes finally im 18, im accepting gifts :,)

Leo savings plan

Sorry for the delay but well these days I've been busy, but let's continue building our paths to wealth.


Leo Minning and posting rewards


Two days of mining alone, I think it's a decent investment and I already have 15 miners.

New Leo Balance

LEO: 831



Total Value Leo Portfolio

831 LEO= $25,41

15 LEO= $22,2




Total value


Dec Earnings




Total DEC


are very good profits considering that yesterday i recharged accounts to pay the rents.

Last trades of cards

Im still alive


im expecting to selling them for $20.20, so its a profit close to 100%

and also i managed to sold this cat


Do not be shy and say something! you will also receive LEO thanks to my humble vote.


Happy birthday ;)

Awesome to see how you're walking your path to wealth through DEC, Splinterlands and LEO!

thanks you so much! you are so sweet! keep up with the good work on the platform, im loving it

glad to hear it! Every time you post content, you help us make Steemleo even better! Thanks for being a part of our community 🧡

Whew... nice analysis there...keep it growing!

Glad to see some progress from the last time . You had 11 LEOMM then and now have been able to add 4 to that . I have also been able to increase that number :)

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