My way to wealth in Steemit - 13/7/2019

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another chapter of my investment journal, the diary of a young man who seeks financial freedom and freedom from the ties of this system using Steemit!
Everyone is welcome to comment something in the box below, all comments well intentioned or with value, will be rewarded with a 100% vote - currently valued at 0.5 LEO, it's not much but it's all I have for now

Leo savings plan 2

This section is making me so happy, that the first thing I do in the day is run to the PC to be able to buy more LEO and LEOMM



Leo minning rewards

currently with 6 LEON at my disposal, I have begun to have better results than the first days when they were relatively null.


New Leo Balance

LEO: 466



Total value of my LEO portafolio

466 LEO= 19,34

6 LEOMM= $10,32

Well with the low of all altcoins, see that my investment in Leo is being maintained and as it is just beginning I find it fantastic how it is evolving and maintaining a decent volume in Steem-Engine.


let's take a look at our golden egg hen



As I said yesterday, being in good control of alternate accounts is very difficult and tiring, especially if you are renting decks because you must earn a certain amount of daily payments to pay the rent and the wisest thing is to reinvest the profits.

Total value


DEC earnings




total DEC


As you can see I have just DEC in my accounts and it is that with the rents and the low price of the steem, I am not doing so well but if enough to invest in LEO and other cards...

Last trades of cards

Unfortunately I have not made any trade in the last 24 hours, I have not managed to sell anything or seen any good offer, so this section will be closed for today.

Well just for today, remember to always diversify into good projects and become passive income collectors! And if you like, leave a comment and receive my humble upvote.


time to start collecting slowly and steadily

yes!!! and i see you just bought a good bucket of Leos, enjoy the platform!

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