My SteemMonster Experiment - Black knight.

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Well I want to be honest, I am very happy to return to SteemLeo, I had to take a break to put all my effort and brains on SteemMonsters and now that everything has calmed down, I want to use my investment diary here again but I will start documenting a I am experimenting with SteemMonsters, with the help of a partner I have in Ecuador, its user is @ecuaminte.

Currently, my goal is to get at least $ 40 a month from SteemLeo, since I bought a very beautiful guitar and with this I can pay for that little gift that I made myself.

Basically the concept was to accumulate and buy the cheapest legendary card that was in the SteemMonsters market, with specific goals which are:

  • Each invest at least $ 100 until the end of the experiment, an achievement that I already obtained.

  • Buy a card daily at least

  • Trying to defend the price yesterday, with this means that if we manage to raise the price to 1.70, we will have to buy the cards that they place below that level instantly.

  • Every 3 days we must make a count of potential gains, and amount of dragons we have.

The card we chose was "Black Dragon" is a reward card, so I will show you the results that I currently obtained with my partner. My name is Luis.


As you can see, 17 days have started the experiment, and you can see in the second column the amount of money invested in each day, and in the fourth column the amount of (BCX) that I obtained for that amount


The second column is the sum of the amount I have invested every 3 days, one row corresponds to my investment and another one to that of my partner LEO, yes! His name is Leonardo.

You have in the third column the potential gains (profit if i sell at this moment) until the day 8/10/2019 and in the fourth column you have the percentage of profits that we have obtained.


The first column represents the number of cards (NOT BCX) that we each have in our accounts, the second column represents the amount of dragons that are in circulation at this time and finally the percentage that our collection represents.


And a little graphic of my % earnings


Look my baby dragons


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