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Greetings LEO Investors!

The LEO Curator blog intends to compile all top curated #steemleo posts for the convenience of other LEO users in search for time worthy posts.

The contents that I will be curating & promoting doesn’t necessarily suggest to anyone to follow it. As I mentioned, my journey in the SteemLeo tribe is for my own learning only and that I’m just sharing it to the community. It is always advised for anyone to do their own research in any article that I will be showcasing to my blog.

Although it’s still too early to assume anything for the future of Steem Leo, I believe that it will be a tribe that will take the Steem blockchain into a higher level that it is now.

Featured post #01 by @btcmillennial

”In the crypto world of constant scams, pump & dumps, and developer incompetence, many crypto assets will not succeed. Just like any market, there will be players entering the space and getting coverage mainly because of the hype surrounding the blockchain. However, as the market matures, and regulation occurs, only the projects that are both legally valid and have consumer use cases will succeed. Consolidation is happening right now, and the digital assets that will be around for the next decade are becoming apparent. Dogecoin is one of them.”

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Featured post #02 by @taskmaster4450

”Each month I do a report that shows the shift in Steem Power (MVest actually) based upon the daily reports put together by @arcange. In that report, I put up the chart from the month I joined. It was a snapshot of how things stood on the first of that month (August 2017). Thus, we can see the change over the past two years.”

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Featured post #03 by @libertyacademy

”Firstly, it is all about attitude. We cannot afford to adopt a victim, “well, we can’t do anything about it”, mentality. If we do so, we’re are doomed. Are advantage lies in that these banking elites are very pretentious and arrogantly perceive themselves as the masters of the universe. They aren’t. And people all around the world are starting to wake up to their criminality.”

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Featured post #04 by @logan8wolf

”Bitmex has been around for longer but PrimeXBT is better...for a number of reasons. Many of which I think can be attributed to its youth by learning from the pros and cons of existing trading platforms.”

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Featured post #05 by @claudio83

”I often wonder if it makes sense today to make predictions on the crypto financial market. I am not a financial consultant and very little understands sincerely.”

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That’s all I have for now folks! See you on the upcoming days for any update on the curation project.

Steem on!
LEO Curator

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