My weekly List with my Vote Bot

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hey guys, a lot of people in the Steem community have created a bot for various things. so I made one for myself. a bot that is only there for other users to vote.

I created this bot a long time ago and wanted to see how it works after 2 months.

how many tokens i get from my tokens delegated from the main account @kaeves4711.

With my main account , I have set up myself via SteemAuto to vote for others that my power will not go unused.

the votes of my vote offered by SteemAuto go to:
@kaeves4711, @unicron, @isaria, @bushradio, @nakedverse, @darrenclaxton, @organduo, @contrabourdon, @musicvoter, @theturtleproject, @djlethalskillz, @oldstone, @slowwalker, @levi-miron, @hmetu, @qurator, @taskmaster4450, @cloudblade, @spotlight.artist

I delegated:
Neoxag - 750
SPT - 250
Dblog - 1000
Steem Power - 20

You can track my progress myself by clicking the reference link here.

otherwise you can also wait for my weekly summary.

here you have a picture of my (current account balance)

Steemworld 28.02.2020.png

my goal is to upgrade my bot with my votes. my account is currently worth $ 0.29 USD (no exact details)

Steem Engine 28.02.2020.png

This is my first post of this kind, for any improvements that I can make, I would not be averse to using them.

In this sense, See you Next Week


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du musst den andern bot noch auf "upvote comment" stellen ;)

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