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True accomplishment is not when there is a successful utilization of already made ingredient to actualise a satisfiable output, it is when there's a utilization of little or not input to accomplish a marginal scale of economics as a result of steady growth brought about by innovations without foundations in other words investing is a long game and two people reaches a stage where they begin to enjoy the dividends of investment it's the person who built a massive attitude of steadily investment From little capital that's considered a true investor.

This might be arguable no doubt, but INVESTING is patience expecially when there's a need to build and build without a mentality of take, take and take and when dividends is acquired after a long while of steadily or marginal input then there would have been a certain kind of Long-term mentality that keeps a meagre investor going for a long term. **Companies situations, prospects and people hardly recognises little investors, but they hardly know these people are the ones that hardly quits, let me explain why this is so.

Somebody who has invested heavily might want to cash out when a particular prospect is diminishing, and the reason why they may not be patient enough is because they do not really go through the rigorous process and stage of continuous investing so it is always difficult for us to destroy what we have gradually built but it is easier to destroy what we built in just a flash and that is the concept I'm trying to explain* So therefore a little investor sometimes reaches an alpha stage of investment because they actually invest little by little so because their investment is just a tiny drop of what a huge investor will do they would actually want to accrue a large amounts of investment but this can only be done in years time, but when the prospects they are invested on is reducing in value or attending diminishing returns they will find no need to actually cash out and sell because their stake is not huge. This possibility is seldom true but not always true.

There was a period where steem took a deep nosedive but was gradually developing even when there was stagnancy in growth. Believe me so many stakeholders who were invested elsewhere pulled out because that marginal advantage they saw with steem seems unrealizeable anymore, but unlike a person who has been building gradually we'll see no need to cash out even when the slates are down because they would only lose cashing out on something they wouldn't even rape from so the mindset will be to stay and to build because in business and investment something we let sentiment win instead of logic, because sometimes is only Sentiment makes senses when we're shutting doors to logic or proof of reality

I once heard a huge investor say steem was a waste of time and why was this so? bitcoin galloped at a particular price at a certain time and so this person compared the rise in steem to the rise in bitcoin and logically it didn't make sense that he was invested in steem and had to pull out. if you ask me this is because this person was a huge staker who doesn't know the pain of gradually investing and hence pulled out, so sometimes we are psychological invested, emotionally invested before we are physically invested and this keeps us in check when prices of the market is getting down to us. I've looked at little investors down the years and they're going steadily because the need to see the explosion of something steadily built is always fascinating and this opportunity is gifted to patience, Long-term attitude and a proof of gradual, little but steadily development.

My stake is growing substantially and even when I can't call myself an alpha pioneer of a great prospect like steem I'm likely to call myself a faithful believer in the utility and proof of investment steem will warrant in the nearest future. So I'll advise you to invest at your convenience because convenience warrants calmness instead of a state of urgency and this I'm turn brings that required patience that you'll need in surviving the years of little or no returns which might come with steem no doubt. here's a proof of why I'm staying for a long term.



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Good point raised, discussed and well finalized!

I build to my capacity; that’s gradually!

Thanks for those motivating words.

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Exactly my friend, build at your convenience too

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Yeah, Jose,you got the right mindset for investment. The success of every investment is the mindset and the character we put up towards our investments.

Time is a major factor for every investment and patience is the virtue all investors need.

Surely, your investments on Steem would be worth a great value in the near future.

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Exactly Sir, I'm counting on that as I continue my building process on steem, thanks for your amazing comment.