Splinterlands Investment results so far

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Hello Guys!

This is my first post on SteemLeo platform and since it is mainly about investments I would like to share my recent success.

A few months ago I bought a Golden Royal Dragon Archer for $55 and yesterday I was able to sell it for $96 .

So if you do the math I was close to 2x my money within two months .
For this reason I would want to commence a giveaway of a Spineback Turtle . All you need is comment so I could use a random comment picker .

Also consider upvoting as to all the SBD rewards will be going to @felipejoys to sustain and grow Steem Monsters Duel Club Where you Earn while playing !! [https://steemmonsters.club/]


Thanks for the opportunity!

Nice gains! I have been thinking about trying to maximize my steemmonsters gains through leasing, selling, etc. Just have to get around to it!


Leasing is quite new and demand is low so it is hard to get the cards on lease. Best choice would either to speculate on the price or try getting a Golden Legendary card of at least level 3 and then try to lease it since you will not find those that easily.

I do have a gold elemental phoenix :-)

I have put it up for lease, but no takers so far.

That card already costs around $350 from what I know but also take into consideration that the market is still relatively small . I had sent you the reward ( It's was a Sea monster )

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