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made them your own, as you may do within a period
of from fifteen to thirty weeks, you will be ready to
develop sufficient personal power to insure the
attainment of your Definite Chief Aim.
The purpose of these Fifteen Laws is to develop or
help you organize all the knowledge you have, and all
you acquire in the future, so you may turn this
knowledge into POWER.
You should read the Law of Success course with a
note-book by your side, for you will observe that
ideas will begin to "flash" into your mind as you read,
as to ways and means of using these laws in advancing
your own interests.
You should also begin teaching these laws to those

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    in whom you are most interested, as it is a well known
    fact that the more one tries to teach a subject the more
    he learns about that subject. A man who has a family
    of young boys and girls may so indelibly fix these
    Fifteen Laws of Success in their minds that this
    teaching will change the entire course of their lives.
    The man with a family should interest his wife in
    studying this course with him, for reasons which will
    be plain before you complete reading this
    POWER is one of the three basic objects of human
    POWER is of two classes-that which is developed
    through co-ordination of natural physical laws, and
    that which is developed by organizing and classifying
    POWER growing out of organized knowledge is the
    more important because it places in man's possession a
    tool with which he may transform, redirect and to
    some extent harness and use the other form of power.
    The object of this reading course is to mark the
    route by which the student may safely travel in
    gathering such facts as he may wish to weave into his
    fabric of KNOWLEDGE.

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