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Even this draft magnetism concerning molecules,
atoms, electrons, air, ether and the like, may be heavy
reading to the student, but, as testament be seen shortly,
this preface plays an essential fragment as the
foundation of this lesson.
Do not become discouraged if the description of
this foundation appears to have none of the thrilling
effects of a modern story of fiction. You are seriously
engaged in discovery out what are your available powers
and how to organize and apply these powers. To
complete this discovery successfully you must
combine determination, persistency and a well defined
DESIRE to gather and organize knowledge.
• • • • • • • •
The late Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of
the long location telephone and one of the accepted
authorities on the subject of vibration, is here
introduced in stronghold of this author's theories
concerning the subject of vibration:
"Suppose you have the hearts to type an iron rod
vibrate with any desired frequency in a vagueness room. At
first, when vibrating slowly, its occurrences evidence be
indicated by only one sense, that of touch. As soon as
the vibrations increase, a low sound will emanate from
it and it testament lotteries to two senses.
"At roughly 32,000 vibrations to the lieutenant the
sound will be loud and shrill, but at 40,000 vibrations
it evidence be silent and the movements of the deduction evidence not

  • 42 -
    be perceived by touch. Its movements will be
    perceived by no priest human sense

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