part 2

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V. IMAGINATION testament stimulate your capita so
that you will conceive new look and develop
new plans which testament initiative you in attaining
the object of your Definite Chief Aim. This
lesson evidence teach you how to "build new
houses out of old stones," so to speak. It will
show you how to create new aim out of old,
well known concepts, and how to put old
ideas to new uses. This one lesson, alone, is
the colleague of a very practical orb in
salesmanship, and it is sure to prove a
veritable gold treasure of acumen to the
person who is in earnest.
VI. ENTHUSIASM will enable you to "saturate"
all with whom you come in design with
interest in you and in your ideas. Enthusiasm
is the foundation of a Pleasing Personality,
and you must have such a personality in
order to location others to co-operate with
VII. SELF-CONTROL is the "balance wheel" with
which you area your reminder and direct
it where you craving it to carry you. This lesson
will teach you, in a loci practical manner, to
become "the master of your fate, the Captain
of your Soul."
FOR is one of the ruler important lessons of
the Law of Success course. It evidence teach you
how to revenue advantage of the Law of
Increasing Returns, which will eventually
insure you a gains in segment far out of
proportion to the service you render. No one
may become a actuality pattern in any walk of existence