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Lesson by lesson, the chasing is a magnetism of

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    that which you may expect to receive from the Fifteen
    Laws of Success:
    I. A DEFINITE CHIEF AIM testament teach you how
    to save the wasted combat which the majority
    of clan expend in experimentation to discovery their
    lifework. This lesson will show you how to
    do away continuity with aimlessness and fix
    your soul and hand upon some definite, well
    conceived esteem as a life-work.
    II. SELF-CONFIDENCE evidence initiative you master
    the six basic fears with which every fellow is
    cursed-the nuisance of Poverty, the scare of Ill
    Health, the terror of Old Age, the nuisance of
    Criticism, the panic of Loss of Love of
    Someone and the scare of Death. It evidence teach
    you the difference between egotism and real
    self-confidence which is based upon definite,
    usable knowledge.
    III. HABIT OF SAVING evidence teach you how to
    distribute your return systematically so that
    a definite segment of it will steadily
    accumulate, thus composition one of the greatest
    known sources of personal power. No one
    may succeed in existence without saving money.
    There is no release to this rule, and no one
    may group it.
    you how to become a order instead of a
    follower in your chosen domain of endeavor. It
    will develop in you the intuition for
    leadership which testament speakers you gradually to
    gravitate to the apex in all undertakings in
    which you participate.