Some stats about LEO. Mining/Sink/Distribution/Liquidity

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Total mining power over the last 8 days changed from 9013 to 32354.
358% up
in mining power. Leo miner tokens are very popular on Steem-Engine, from time to time on top position with volume above 1000$. Around 12% of the miner supply has been sold.

@leo.voter account - LEO bid bot is live for 8 days, the first day was a testing day and service was not public yet.
Total LEO burnt by the bid bot = 345.5.
Here is a chart for daily burn ratio:

Daily Burn Rate For leo.voter.png

Distribution of LEO power. Changes here are very low, around 0.1% in the last 8 days.
Top 99 accounts and the rest of the accounts. Noleo4u excluded.

LEO Power Distribution2.png

Liquidity of LEO. Sale order excluded.


If u have questions about LEO, join LEO discord:



Thanks for the information 👍

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Wondering how can I gather those information

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