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Yesterday I updated my discord bot with new commands:

^buyers token
^sellers token

gerbot will return simple charts like that one above with top sellers or buyers in last ~24h. Charts are generated from realized trades.
That way you can easily check who's buying or selling your token, without scrolling through block explorer.

From now you can also ask bot for a list of commands using ^help:


You can play with bot on steemleo discord:

Few people asked about the invite link for gerbot. I made some changes, cleaned code, restricted some commands to particular servers, and now I can share invite link with you:

have fun :)


Upvoted resteemed and heres 100 steem bro thank you for all the work on a airdrops and for learning about eos account and newdex etc

thnak you for all the help in the past and for new stuyff i know u will learn! I cant do all of this alone but SAND will be mroe succesful thanks to your help, i think the airdrop u helpe dme iwtyh was a variable in getting SAND #2 on steem engine with my newdex liusting, teh airdorp helepd solidify my marketing on steem

but if u can help me do newdex eos scatte rintegration.... ooooh man... we get scatter on nitrous and then we can REALLy promote SAND as an EOS dapp... steem counst as a dapp but EOS ... dude..

when we learn from we will win so hard

This is an awesome addition to the Leo discord - works for all tokens.

Thanks for your work on this @gerber

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