Detailed PAL Mining Stats + Distribution & Liquidity

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The dataset used for mining charts is from Palnet launch until 07-07

Total mined PAL in that period of time: 14012 PAL

Total PAL Mining Power_logo.png

Number Of Mining PAL Accounts.png

Total Mined PAL  top 10 PALMM holders .png

If you think mining with digital tokens is not profitable, I can tell you that the top 2 PALMM holders, @bitcoinflood (55 PALMM) and @aggroed (40 PALMM), made around 14-22% in a single month. @videosteemit (15 PALMM) made more than 10%. Late miners have fewer profits, but APR is still very positive (with the actual price of PAL). % of profits calculated from the actual number of staked PALMM, they probably didn't buy that many miner tokens at the beginning, just buying up later to secure profits.

PAL Power Distribution 1.png

PAL Liquidity 1.png

Visible little change between 3 and 4 July - proof of moderation rewards.


The miners are definitely an interesting addition to these tribes. A very clever way to tap in to the community to raise funds.

Thanks for this data.

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I will not participate in the Steem Engine virtual mining because is like a lottery ticket from my point of view because is too easy to change the code along the way.

I am not playing that game either. U need to have a few k steem and faith, to invest in miner tokens.

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