[BREAKING] Is $10500 Within Reach For Bitcoin (BTC Price Prediction)

in #steemleo4 years ago

Bitcoin is looking very strong at the moment. We just close a 4 hour candle with high volume and we could get a big move coming later today. Since Monday, Bitcoin has formed a so called 3 White Soldiers in a row formation. That is a very bullish pattern and indicates that Bitcoin is not done with this current move to the upside.

The next big obstacle for Bitcoin is the high we had in October when we reached $10584 and if we were to take out that high, then we have made a higher high for the first time in several months and since we are heading towards halving that is pretty likely to occur. However, be aware of that we might not go all the way up there in one leg, we could first get another local top and then a pullback and then go for $10500 but who knows, this is Bitcoin we are talking about and anything could happen when we are in bullish territory.


Waiting for $10.000... I think we are closer.

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