[Breaking] Have BTC Actually Made A Bottom? (Bitcoin Price Prediction)

in #steemleo4 years ago

Right now Bitcoin is up about 3.5% and trading around $6850. But that was not the case a couple of hours ago, the low for the day on Bitcoin CME Futures was $6420 and then we got a lot of buyers stepping in at that price level since we managed to fill that gap once again. The last time we filled that gap was back in May.

As soon as I realized that we have filled that gap I was ready to exit my short trade and I did exit at $6450 and made a nice profit (10.5x my invested amount) so Im very happy with that trade.

However, we could still roll over here and go for new lows but since we have now taken out $6500 which was the last low and the fact that we now have once again retested the long term weekly support trendline, this is fore sure an area where we could get a turnaround.


I think it will not go under 6.000/5.800

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