Do You Think Ethics Matter on Steem Leo?

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Ethics are a Moral Code

When it comes to the Investment profession nothing is more important than ethical conduct. Studies show trust and ethics are even more important than returns when choosing an investment manager. According to a survey by the CFA Institute, an overwhelming majority or 80% of Canadians and 69% of respondents worldwide rate ethics as the most important attribute of an investment firm source. Investment returns vary, however only a fool trusts someone with wavering ethics.

Do you think ethics are the most important thing to consider when posting on Steem Leo?

If you are an investment professional who doesn't want to risk your livelihood, I already know your answer to this question. In fact, it's hardly debatable unless you believe in the freedom of being unethical or if you are unethical. There are anarchists on Steem who believe in freedom more than anything; does believing in freedom mean that you don't believe in ethical standards? We don't need government, religion or any centralized authority to have morals.


I challenge @steem.leo to adopt a standard of ethics governing discussion on this investment forum

Accounts with a large amount SP or LEO have authority on this site- a trending post or a powerful upvote does not, however, make you ethical. @khaleelkazi may not want to set a code of ethics used to judge posters on this website, after all, bloggers can punish others with downvotes. There is an economic cost to using more than one downvote and many LEO holders would rather make friends than enemies and downvoting someone for being unethical could start a costly downvote war. The people in charge of #SteemLeo may want to listen to my call, however because according to a survey done by Linked-In in 2018:

70% of professionals in the U.S. today would not work at a leading company if it meant they had to tolerate a bad workplace culture. So much so, that people would rather put up with lower pay (65%) and forego a fancy title (26%) than deal with a bad workplace environment. source

This is a forum and not a workplace but we put work into our posts and spend time reading and engaging with other posters. I don't know how many of you care about ethics, integrity, and morals but it's hope it's an overwhelming majority.


  • **Consider starting your research with the most strict standards ** -here's a stringent one: CFA code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, it can be adapted to @steem.leo's standards.
  • Think about enforcement just don't wait too long, investment posts which lack integrity are already happening. Bans, downvotes, warnings, moderation, etc.
  • Listen to the Facts -social science surveys are debatable, look within.

I may not have your trust but I have my ethics

~ #financialadvice July 2019

Don't confuse investment ethics with ethical investing, we will save that discussion for another day. Thank you for reading, please leave your answer.

Do you think Ethics Matter on Steem Leo?


Its automatically applied when it comes to investment, I guess so..

Ethics show through in character over time and are not completely evaluated in a single post or thread but over several interactions with that individual. When people come out touting their ethics I get just nervous as the person that seems to be a creep, because they are too often in my anecdotal experience in life are one in the same person. Just because a title is carried also in the financial world means that when everyone is looking they are ethical, what I would want to feel confident in is how they act when they think no one is looking.

Good point, a person's ethics can change over time, just because someone does something unethical once doesn't make them unethical in all their doings. One shouldn't be too quick to pass judgment on others. Just because a professional knows the difference between what is ethical and what is not does not make them ethical, trust is a serious ethical issue and is key to the advisor-client relationship.

We don't have client's here, professionals know that there is no client agreement and a code of ethics has to be adapted to fit the blockchain. Integrity on the blockchain is just as important as the integrity of the blockchain.

Ethics does make people nervous, it's not an easy conversation to have with some. I don't mean to come across as a creep, I just think this is an important topic of conversation and was surprised to see no official statement about it yet. Usually, it's the first chapter in a course.

I care about #SteemLEO readers falling victim to fraud. As a holder of LEO, I believe it is necessary to talk about what @steem.leo intends to do to minimize unethical behavior. A serious incident could impact us all.

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