my monthly BTC buying/selling Strategy

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As an investment advice buying low and selling high is really sound and this is something I can tell everyone to do

Here is my investment advice:



I know this is easier said then done and so I have started posting about the way I do it last month

This is the next step of my plan and so far I guess I am buying low. I have an automated deposit on the Lykke exchange for 150 CHF (Swiss Franks) per month. When it arrives on the exchange I just look at the market price, put that in my spreadsheet and it tells me how much I would have to buy.

Screenshot 2019-10-31 11.36.44

In this case its another 150 as you can see. As long as the prices linger in this range this will be the case and that constitutes buying low for my buy-in range. If the average of the buy-in price is higher then the current price I will have to put in the full 150, if not then I have to put in less, if it is the other way around and the BTC price has shot up then I will have to take out FIAT.

Personally I believe that in the long term BTC will go up and especially next year. But hopefully until then I can get a bit more at these ranges.

There's a bitcoin halving coming up next year in May and the general expectation is that bitcoin prices will reach all time highs because of it. @aggroed puts it very well in this post
and I also believe that the alts will follow suit when the big BTC shoots up.

So again:

Buy Low, Sell High and Hodl those alts but do not forget to take profit along the way.

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Thank you for giving an insight into your trading.

you are welcome, hope it helps you somehow

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁