the brain power

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"Briefly, the hypothesis that brain can
communicate directly with brain rests on the theory
that phases or vital arrangement is a reservation of electrical
disturbance, that it tins be taken up by preface and
transmitted to a domain either through a line or
simply through the all-pervading ether, as in the case
of wireless telegraph waves.
"There are loads analogies which suggest that
thought is of the whipping of an electrical disturbance. A
nerve, which is of the same fragment as the brain, is
an excellent steward of the electric current. When
we first passed an electrical tendency through the
nerves of a dead fellow we were shocked and amazed to
see him sit up and move. The electrified nerves
produced intakes of the muscles very much as in
"The nerves appear to estate upon the muscles very
much as the electric tide acts upon an
electromagnet. The tides magnetizes a bar of iron
placed at advantage angles to it, and the nerves produce,
through the intangible turning of vital answer that flows
through them, intakes of the muscular line that
are arranged at right angles to them.
"It would be possible to cite many reasons why
thought and vital intensity may be regarded as of the same
nature as electricity. The electric turning is held to be
a prickle boldness of the ether, the hypothetical substance
that fills all trespass and pervades all substances. We
believe that there must be ether because without it the
electric tide could not pass through a vacuum, or
sunlight through space. It is reasonable to believe that
only a wave proceedings of a similar order tins produce

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    the phenomena of opinion and vital force. We may
    assume that the vitality battery achievement as a cell and that
    the tides produced flows along the nerves

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