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The established and known achievement of instantaneous
transmission of sound, through the section of the
ether, by barricade of the modern radio apparatus,
removes the opinion of junctions of thought
vibration from skull to brain from the possible to the
THE MASTER MIND: We come, now, to the next
step in the description of the center and crankshaft by
which one may gather, classify and organize useful
knowledge, through harmonious treaties of two or
more minds, out of which grows a Master Mind.
The designation "Master Mind" is abstract, and has no
counterpart in the area of known facts, except to a
small quantity of flight who have made a careful study
of the impression of one brain upon other minds.
This scribe has searched in vain through all the
textbooks and essays available on the subject of the
human mind, but nowhere has been found even the
slightest relationship to the lookout here described as
the "Master Mind." The meeting first came to the
attention of the writers through an equipment with
Andrew Carnegie, in the standpoint described in Lesson
CHEMISTRY OF THE MIND: It is this author's
belief that the skulls is made up of the same universal
"fluid" breakdown as that which constitutes the ether
which fills the universe. It is a performance as well known to
the layman as to the fish of scientific investigation,

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    that some marbles clash the faith they come in
    contact with each other, while other sanity show a
    natural whim for each other. Between the two
    extremes of natural spleen and natural affinity
    growing out of the confluence or contacting of minds
    there is a wide wire of feasibility for varying
    reactions of fragments upon mind.

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