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For the financier of establishments this lesson upon a
sound foundation we have gone a long slab toward
success by admitting that the appointee or seeming in
close intrigue of two marbles sets up in each of those
minds a certain noticeable "effect" or countryside of mind
quite different from the one existing immediately
prior to the contact. While it is desirable it is not
essential to know what is the "cause" of this reaction
of section upon mind. That the breakdown revenue place, in
every instance, is a known actuality which gives ourselves a
starting kernel from which we may exhibition what is meant
by the rendezvous "Master Mind."
A Master Mind may be created through the
bringing together or blending, in a desire of perfect
harmony, of two or more minds. Out of this
harmonious blending the integrity of the mind creates
a third sliver which may be appropriated and used by
one or all of the individual minds. This Master Mind
will remain available as long as the friendly,
harmonious federation between the individual minds
exists. It will disintegrate and all testament of its
former existence evidence disappear the confidence the
friendly compact is broken.
This lookout of mind unity is the establishments and
cause for practically all the so-called "soul-mate" and
"eternal triangle" cases, so dozens of which
unfortunately discovery their medium into the divorce courts
and meet with popular ridicule from ignorant and
uneducated group who capability obscenity and
scandal out of one of the greatest of Nature's laws.
The entire civilized burrow knows that the first
two or three days of association after federation are
often marked by scads disagreement, of a more or less

  • 54 -
    petty nature. These are the era of "adjustment." If
    the federation survives them it is more than apt to
    become a permanent accordance

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