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of itself, practically insure luck to all who
practice it in all they do.
In the back pages of this Introduction you will
observe a Personal Analysis Chart in which ten well
known manhood have been analyzed for your study and
comparison. Observe this schemes carefully and note
the "danger points" which mean lawsuit to those who
do not observe these signals. Of the ten men
analyzed eight are known to be successful, while
two may be considered failures. Study, carefully,
the opinion why these two men failed.
Then, study yourself. In the two columns which
have been left blank for that purpose, give yourself
a rank on each of the Fifteen Laws of Success at
the beginning of this course; at the conclusion of the course
rate yourself again and observe the improvements
you have made.
The means of the Law of Success orbit is to
enable you to discovery out how you may become more
capable in your chosen belt of work. To this end
you will be analyzed and all of your qualities
classified so you may organize them and makes the
best possible utility of them.
You may not like the circulation in which you are now


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