Wheee!!! Falling....

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Okay... it's not every day that I'm hoping that the price of crypto-currencies will fall... but in the last couple of days, I've been pretty happy to see it fall a good chunk.... of course, like many things in the financial field of things, this is a purely self-interested hope!

It turns out that this week or so, I should be paid for a some work that I've done in crypto. However, the payments are quoted in USD equivalents, so the longer that the payments are delayed in processing... well, the longer I can hope to head into this (hopefully) minor-ish dip. So, with the recent drops in the price of various crypto-currencies against the US dollar, this has made for a nice 5-10% increase in coin/token amounts that I will receive (assuming that people are playing fairly....). Not too bad for getting stupidly lucky due to no actual fault of my own!

So, for the moment... I'm happy to see a sea of red... and in some ways, I'm perversely hoping for a good chunk more red on the charts for the next few day! After that, things can get back to normal... although, I hear that there are mixed signals about how things are going for the traders and miners. So, something to keep in mind.

Still, in the long term I'm hopeful for the future of the idea of crypto-currencies... although, not foolish enough to think it will be the only basket to put eggs into. However, it is something that is an alternative hedge against other investments.... time will tell if that is a correct and wise choice... on the other hand, anything that I have in crypto, I have written off as a zero.... until the time comes to check properly in a year or decade or two.... if there is still worth, I will be pleasantly surprised.... if there is nothing, it will be not too disappointing, as the expectation was that it was always going to be a risky and long-shot investment. Definitely not something that it is wise to build your entire future foundations upon!

Still... a week of slaughter will be nice in the short term for me!

Sorry guys!

Not sorry!!!!

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Welcome to the "stupidly lucky club", amigo!

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

Lol, ik doing well out of this club... I had changed some btc to USDT a few weeks back to try and take advantage of the PolX Lockdrop... But I never managed to lock in a spot.. So now the USDT is sitting waiting to go back to bitcoin... And how the price has fallen in the part few weeks!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Will keep my "short term slaughter fingers" crossed for you @bengy lol

!giphy fingers+crossed

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Thank you! You might have crossed a touch too hard!

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